My father is an engineer and a man of few words. I grew up watching him approach projects quietly, methodically as he would create and fix things with his own hands. I’ve always admired my dad’s ability to make careful observations with intention for his projects from start to finish. In high school, I was immediately drawn to photography the moment I picked up my first camera. I found that photography was the perfect medium that allowed me to best capture and communicate the thoughts and ideas that I had in my head. Coupling that with what I had seen and admired from my dad’s approach towards projects- pursuing photography as a career was something that I’ve always dreamed of. In 2009, I worked as the assistant photo editor for my college newspaper and also assisted a few friends who were wedding photographers. In 2012, I made the decision to become a full-time photographer, and I haven't looked back since. Photography has allowed me to witness some really incredible moments in people's lives. I feel blessed to be able to do what I do and grateful to be able to document moments whether big or small for people I'd have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Living in New York City has allowed me to realize that there are just so many people with stories that have yet to be told. I'm currently based in NYC and available worldwide, and primarily focus on photographing weddings, lifestyle portraits, as well as commercial photography.